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My career with ERGO 

Interview with the advanced training group manager for southern Germany

- 2011: Started at ERGO as an advisor on basic issues in sales
- 2013: Transferred to the change and diversity management department as a change manager
- 2015: Promoted to advanced training group manager for southern Germany with staff in Cologne and Munich

What has helped you move forward at ERGO?

“When I look back at my development up to where I am now, I’d have to say it was my work on various projects.  The best example was our ‘Diversity’ project.  That’s how I learned about the work done in the change and diversity management department. Then I applied internally.”

How did you get noticed?

“I mainly drew attention to myself by performing consistently in various areas  – and by taking on special tasks.I also took part in our TIP talent identification process. That was a major step towards making myself  visible as an employee. The same goes for my participation in the mentoring programme.”

Who encouraged you?

“First and foremost, that would be my immediate superior in the change and diversity management department. They have always encouraged and challenged me. A large part of my development also had to do with the new tasks and responsibilities I grew into.”

How does it feel to accept more responsibility?

“It generally feels pretty good because it means that you’re appreciated! Sometimes, though, the new role makes me a bit insecure, and I hope that I’m up to the responsibility. But on the whole, the good outweighs the bad. I’m looking forward to stepping up to my role.”

What do you like about working at ERGO?

“For me, ERGO is an employer that can present you with many diverse tasks. Employees here aren’t ‘human capital’, they’re people. You can tell from the many things diversity management has to offer. They help you reconcile your private and professional life.”

Where is your favourite place at ERGO?

“The best ideas actually come to me when I’m walking through the corridors, but my favourite place is the cafeteria!”

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