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Worklife | Verena Keil

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Verena Keil

A day in the life of a Board assistant

M. Sc. in business administration – assistant to the chairman, Dr Ulf Mainzer, labour director, responsible for the HR, Legal, Compliance, Procurement & General Services division “After graduating with a degree in business administration, I completed a training programme with Robert Bosch GmbH. While seeking out a new challenge, I became a Board assistant at ERGO in 2017.”

An excellent starting point

“Board assistants at ERGO go through a unique programme that promotes their professional and personal development. It also gives us the opportunity to learn more about the company and the insurance industry, as well as to talk and network with colleagues, which will certainly benefit my career later on.”

Morning meeting check

“Every morning, my colleague and I look over my boss's meetings as my day is primarily governed by his schedule, in addition to the other projects I take on. I really value working directly with the chairman. It gives me a unique look at the inner workings of the company, the strategy we pursue, and our corporate policies.”

Variety is key

“My workday is full of variety. There are chair meetings, talks and presentations to organise, briefs to prepare and information to pass on to my boss. From decision proposals for Advisory Committee meetings to podium discussions, the variety of tasks is large. I really enjoy learning all of these new skill sets and assuming responsibility.”

Communication and responsibility

“The programme for us Board assistants really allows us to network with each other. In addition to attending professional and soft-skills training, we pay visits to a foreign subsidiary of ERGO. We Board assistants also prepare selected modules ourselves, which not only lets us share our knowledge, but also helps us develop our own working methods and skills.”

Most importantly: a trusting working environment

“An eventful day comes to a close. I have a jour fixe with my boss tomorrow, but his door is always open for me even outside of this meeting. This trusting work environment is very important to me; by keeping personal contact with my boss I can learn a lot and develop at a personal and professional level.”