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Worklife | Ursula-Heiligers

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Ursula Heiligers

ITERGO and I children and career

Maste’s degree in mathematics – Group Manager in the Classic Life division, Contract Portfolio Management

I began my career with Victoria Lebensversicherung as a mathematician in 1987 and worked in various roles. In 2004, I joined ITERGOs Application Development Division. I have been a Group Manager in Application Development in the Classic Life division since 2014.

In terms of work life balance, what has been your experience?

‘Both of my children were born in the 1990s and, even then, the company not only allowed me to work part-time but most of the time I was allowed to work in my home office. When my husband was given a job in Magdeburg, I was even able to relocate my home office to Magdeburg! That was in 1995 - and looking back quite extraordinary especially since at that time a great deal of items still had to be sent by post.’

How and where do you work today?

‘When my - now grown up - daughters became older, I gradually increased my working hours. Today I work full time and still work in the home office on Fridays. In my view, flexible working is an advantage for both parties. It removes the stress for parents and pays off twice in terms of good performance and identification with the company.’

In terms of the canteen, what are the arrangements?

There is a small canteen in the building. I often eat lunch at the large ERGO canteen on Victoriaplatz. Getting to the canteen counts as working time and is pleasant at all times of the year. This means you get to move during the lunch break which is also good for the health as the work we do involves sitting down most of the time.

In terms of your career, what stage are you at today?

Two years ago, I took on management responsibility again in the position of Group Manager - and that at the age of 54! I am really pleased that ITERGO has given me the chance to develop further in this way. As a boss, I also pass on to my team of 15 the good experiences Ive had - for example, a home office arrangement is possible right from the start.

What do you value in your job in particular?

I often have the chance to deal with new topics and I often work across divisions and groups which means Im always working with new teams. Its exciting to collaborate with lots of different people and to get it all together, i.e. to jointly work with others towards an objective in an atmosphere based on trust.

In terms of the future, how do you see things progressing?

The working environment as well as the support you receive here are excellent, regardless of whether this concerns children or career. In the future I therefore intend to assume responsibility for employees and systems and increasingly work with agile methods. And of course I would like to work with my team to successfully implement the upcoming changes!

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