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Worklife | Sabine-Hinze

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Sabine Hinze

ITERGO and me: One job, many benefits

Mathematics graduate – consultant in the Classic Life division, mathematics I

Following my degree in business mathematics, I joined Victoria Lebensversicherung in 1992 and then worked in different areas. In 2000, I moved to ITERGO as an application developer in various mathematical functions. Today, I am an application designer in the Classic Life division.

Benefit 1: Great working atmosphere

“When I arrive in the morning, my colleagues at the reception desk always greet me with a smile. This holds true for all of ITERGO. I benefit from a very pleasant working environment with an ‘open door’ policy. Everybody knows everybody in my Classic Life division and the working relationship is constructive and very friendly.”

Benefit 2: Empathetic and responsible line managers and many opportunities

“In keeping with the ‘open door’ policy, my boss is always willing to listen, whatever the concern. This also applies to the issue of continuing education and training. Some time ago, when we introduced the programming language C, I received all the necessary training in no time at all and there has never been anything that wasn’t possible.” 

Benefit 3: Always new challenges

“I loved mathematical puzzles as a child, and I discovered my passion for computer science while at university. Nowadays, I’m also fascinated by the possibilities of modern IT, with which my colleagues and I have been able to provide mathematical values, profit values etc. for calculation applications that are used for enquiries from clients, the banking supervisory authorities etc.”

Benefit 4: Attractive surroundings

“The working environment is very attractive. Throughout the building, the walls are hung with works of art. My favourite piece is a mammoth tooth which was found during construction in Fischerstrasse in 2009. Not every company has this kind of thing in its entrance area.”

Benefit 5: Lifelong learning tailored to individual needs

“At the moment, I am taking part in ‘Campus Lab’, which is a postgraduate course from the University of Essen that enables employees in full-time employment to gain further qualifications in the IT field. A lot of emphasis is placed on continuous education and training at ITERGO! Line managers also have the same attitude, which means that you are really able to continue to develop both professionally and personally on an ongoing basis.”

Benefit 6: Healthy, fit and relaxed!

“The range of work-life balance measures is very good and is continually being extended. They include flexible working times, home office days, parent-child offices, health courses, fitness classes etc. I still benefit from this today. I have two children, work part-time, and make use of some of the sports facilities. To put it in a nutshell: my professional and private life are in perfect balance!”

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