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Worklife | Marcelo Oliveira

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Marcelo Oliveira

A humanities scholar at ITERGO?

“My name is Marcelo Oliveira. I am from Brazil and studied German as a foreign language with a minor in computer science. After finishing my degree, I began working at a subsidiary of Munich Re in the HR department before joining ERGO as an IT coordinator in 2011.”

Germany, eight o’clock in the morning ...

“I bring my two kids a bit of the way to school in the morning before I head to the metro. Sometimes I ride my scooter to and from the train; then it only takes me around a half an hour to get to the office. Once I get here, I start my computer, go through my meetings for the day and see if there’s anything urgent. At the office I can get by without my scooter though. ;)”

What’s on the docket?

“As a team of seven, we provide support for all of the systems used in the HR department – the systems used for time tracking, application management, bookkeeping, company physician software, and so on. I like my job because I get to focus on the technical aspects while still working with people. It’s the best of both worlds!”

Short digital paths

“We have regular group meetings as well as meetings that are specific to certain topics. A lot is done via conference call and web conferencing . Take our new application management system, for example: we hold regular web conferences to answer users’ questions and introduce new functions.”

Exciting projects and direct communication

“Sometimes I take on the role of project leader in the event of something like major migration or system implementation activities. I really enjoy working on projects with other people. Sitting at a computer for eight hours and programming non-stop isn’t for me.”

A really cool job!

“What I love about my job is the variety and the challenges presented by the many complex systems ERGO uses. And if I need a break, there’s a park just outside. The company also offers a range of sport and exercise programmes, and I’ve been regularly attending karate for many years. It really helps me unwind.”