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Worklife | Lisa Berg

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My typical day at ERGO

Lisa Berg

Personnel advisor for executive staff

8:00 am

Between emails and the Moccabar

“My typical work day starts around eight in my office. I check my emails, lay out the things I need to get done that day ... then I grab a coffee in the Moccabar with my colleagues to start off the day. In addition to coffee specialities, they also have a delicious breakfast.”

8:45 am

Support for my colleagues

“After the cafeteria, I head back to my desk to make my colleagues in the various departments happy. This usually involves creating certificates and job adverts and drawing up employment contracts.” 

10:00 am

Planning and communication with team

“We have our weekly team meeting at around 10:00 am. In the meeting, we discuss topics that concern us all as well as upcoming projects.”

12:00 pm


“After the meeting, the entire team eats lunch together in the canteen. It’s always very busy, which says something about the quality of the food. And the daily selection of different dishes is also quite impressive.”

1:30 pm

Interviews with applicants

“Two job interviews are on the docket for the afternoon. That’s why I’m always in a rush to get back to the office after lunch; I want to be well prepared for the interview so that I can ask my questions pointedly. This is the only way to fill vacancies with the best-possible candidates.”

4:00 pm

Follow-up with the department manager

“After the job interviews, I meet with the department manager and tell him my impressions of the candidates. Then I head back to my desk, where a few emails and phone calls are awaiting me.”

5:00 pm

Time to go

“I finish my work day by writing my to-do list for the following day and preparing for my meetings and appointments. Then I turn off my computer and run to the underground heading towards the central station.”

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