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Lilith Sümnik

ERGO and me: my integrated degree programme at ERGO

“Hello, my name is Lilith Sümnik. I’m 24 years old, and in August 2016, I embarked on an dual degree course in insurance with ERGO. What makes this degree programme different is that I can train as a back-office management assistant in insurance and finance at the same time.”

Why ERGO was my first choice

“Towards the end of my degree in economics, I was looking for options for what to do after I graduated, and became very interested in the insurance sector – in part because of the good prospects it offers! While doing my research, I came across ERGO’s dual degree programme that also allows you to qualify as a back-office management assistant in insurance and finance. I was very impressed by ERGO’s career web pages, which in contrast to other companies were given prominent placement. The degree programme at ERGO also looked to be highly varied, so I was very pleased when I was offered a place.” 

A great and lasting first impression

“Before the degree officially got started, there was a get-together with all the year’s new trainees that was organised by the previous year’s trainees. This was an excellent opportunity to meet and get to know my future colleagues. The university affiliated with my programme is the Technical University of Cologne. I spend two days a week at TU Cologne, then three days at ERGO in Dusseldorf. This structure enables me to put the theory I learn at university directly into practice at work, which is great.”

For me, it’s a smooth start to my career

“One thing ERGO does to make your start with the company easier is assign you a mentor. Your mentor tends to be a trainee who started a year earlier. My mentor was a great help to me, especially at the beginning. I had initially been feeling a bit worried about whether I’d cope with my new role and responsibilities. But he and my other colleagues were able to help me dispel these concerns. So you don’t just get thrown in at the deep end. There’s always someone you can turn to.”

A sound training programme, with a thorough familiarisation phase and excellent support

“At the beginning, all trainees and students on dual degree programmes had the introductory seminars together (focusing on ERGO and the insurance sector in general). We were later split up according to our respective professions. Over this period, our trainers were very hands-on, but they are generally always there and available for help and advice. In fact, we students on the ERGO dual degree programme meet with our trainer once a month for lunch to tell her what we’ve been doing and to ask questions. I feel very well supported here.”

Wide-ranging business insights and great colleagues

“Among the things I love about the programme at ERGO is that I am able to gain experience in so many different departments – it’s a bit like doing lots of short work placements. And exactly five minutes after the trainer greeted me in the first department, all my nerves were forgotten: I was given a warm welcome, my colleagues showed me everything directly and answered all my questions, and I was really glad that this was to be my first department. I couldn’t have wished for a better start”.

In a nutshell: highly recommended!

“The office building has a relaxation room where you can go to just have a break, or to work in peace. I come here whenever I can find the time. Although I haven’t been here for very long, I feel I can already recommend my combined degree and training programme without any reservations. You get to see and experience so much, figure out where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and once you’ve graduated, you have a wealth of opportunities to choose from. So if you’re open-minded, flexible, communicative, ambitious and like working in a team, this is just the thing for you.”

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