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Worklife | Kai-Lueckel

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Kai Lücke

My day at ITERGO

Master’s degree in Computer Science and Business Administration - Consultant in the Classic Life division, Contract Portfolio Management

I began my career at ITERGO in 2007 as part of a dual work-study programme and was taken on as an application developer after completing my degree in 2010. As of 2016, I have been undergoing advanced vocational training to become a project manager in preparation for the Project Management Institute (PMI) certification.

How do you typically start your working day?

 I travel in from Siegburg using public transport - it takes about an hour. I switch on my computer and two monitors in my work space, gear me up for the day with a bowl of muesli, check my e-mails … I guess you might say that I get off to a rather leisurely start.

What’s your morning like?

 I often start by having a chat with my colleagues - about current issues and projects or about a status update. We have small meeting corners we can go to; these are furnished with red sofas with high backrests where two or three people can sit together comfortably. These are great, I like to use them and do so often - also as a place to relax.

What are your current challenges?

‘I work on different projects at the same time. I’m also working on my first project at the moment, where I actually have the project lead. This project involves an extensive scale rate adjustment. Also, I have currently taken on joint management of a large project which means I’m able to guide and manage many of the decisions. I’m very grateful that my main project manager is supporting me as an advisor and that I’m able to grow into the role.’

Your work space?

Its rather minimalist, private things are too much of a distraction, added to which Im often on the move. Workplace organization is pretty much up to personal preference, really. The work environment is pleasant and Im impressed with the team and collaboration in the group. In addition to the interesting work and the development, there are regular team events, such as summer parties, going for mulled wine at Christmas etc. that allow us to get a break from the job and wind down.

The canteen?

‘The canteen in our building is very small. For lunch I usually go with my team or my “lunch group” to the larger ERGO canteen. I particularly like the wok station. Our kitchen team always comes up with something new - such as Oktoberfest or Halloween specials. It’s unbeatable value for money!’

What else happens during a typical working day?

‘Conference calls, meetings I am required to attend, coordination with test management, group discussions - there is always plenty to do! The Life division, where I work in, is currently being restructured with quite some changes being made at the moment which means things are very exciting here. I look forward to continuing to support this change once I’ve completed my advanced project manager training.’

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