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Worklife | Julia-Sauer

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Julia Sauer

ITERGO and I: starting my career 

Master’s degree in mathematics - Consultant in Classic Life division, Mathematics I

‘In October 2016, I began my career as an application and technical developer in the Classic Life division straight after completing my degree.’

What was the first day like in your new job?

‘On the first day I was given a huge bunch of flowers - this is the on-boarding present for all new employees at ITERGO. I was delighted with that! For me, the route to ITERGO was generally simple and straightforward. Two interviews followed my application and I was accepted soon after.’

And what happened then?

‘After being given the flowers I went along to “the photo shoot” for my employee identification. This was a good opportunity to get to know some of the colleagues in the administration department and to make a good first impression.’

Do you have a mentor?

‘Yes. I had already understood from the interview that there was a lot of emphasis on a thorough induction at ITERGO. However, the start was even more positive than I had expected. My mentor took me under their wing immediately, although other colleagues were always helpful and approachable.’

Do you have any kind of ‘favourite place’?

‘I enjoy being in the library. Here you can retreat into the lovely atmosphere to do some research or just to study on your own. Because I see myself moving into the area of project or test management after my induction, the fact that this oasis of knowledge exists is also very convenient.’

What do you value in your job in particular?

‘What is nice about my job is that I am gradually being introduced to new responsibilities or subject areas. My colleagues also involve me in a wide variety of projects as part of “training on the job” - as a result, I am able to continually broaden my knowledge. This means that I am constantly having to deal with new and interesting issues - and am able to draw on the right specialist literature for this purpose.’

What has surprised you the most?

‘That the start has been so structured. For example, there is a good plan in place for the initial weeks covering work and the training. At ITERGO, great emphasis is placed on employees being able to access further education and training on an ongoing basis. And I mustn’t forget my colleagues. Right now, particularly at the beginning of my career, I am benefiting most of all from their knowledge and wealth of experience.’

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