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Worklife | benedikt-zweckerl

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Benedikt Zweckerl

-      My typical day at ERGO 

Chef and deputy kitchen manager

6:30 am

Half-past six. So, still the middle of the night. But spirits lift as soon as the team gets together. This is the time to discuss how the day will go, who will do what, and what the display should look like.

8:00 am

Of course, the menu has to be displayed. After all, ERGO staff are curious and want to know exactly what they will be getting to eat.

8:30 am

Mmm, the fresh food looks so tasty. One more quick quality check, then we can get started. Now it's time turn up the gas!

1:00 pm

I already know what will be on next week’s meal plan, so I check my stocks and order anything that’s missing. It’s like paradise!

2:30 pm

We have now clarified the shift schedule with HR and discussed the next day’s events. Here we have new, exciting tasks every day.

3:30 pm

Wow, almost finished. Now I just have to finish the paperwork, because tomorrow will be the dawn of an exciting new day in the ERGO kitchen. But for now, I’m off!